Garage and Storage Spaces

A Limited Amount of Flammables are Stored Safely

Garages often become a storage space for all the odds and ends that don't fit inside the house. This frequently includes items such as old paint, paint strippers and thinners, flammable cleaners, automotive degreasers, and other materials. Take time every year to review what you have stored and dispose of any unneeded materials with Wood County Clean Sweep. Also check around the home and garage for a build up of old papers, boxes and other rubbish and dispose of it properly.

Store flammable materials in proper containers with tight lids and correct product labels. Also make sure that they are stored in an area with proper ventilation and away from sources of ignition.

Cars and Other Motors are not Left Running

Cars and other internal combustion engines produce Carbon Monoxide, a colorless and odorless gas that can result in serious illness or death depending on the exposure a person receives. Find more information about Carbon Monoxide here.

Oily Rags Disposed of Properly

Oil-soaked rags and cloths should be disposed of by placing them in a tightly sealed metal container. Oily rags can generate enough heat to spontaneously combust if left out in the open.

LP, Gasoline, and Other Fuel Tanks Are Stored Correctly

Fuel tanks should be stored in a well ventilated area that is away from any sources of ignition. This will help prevent the build-up of flammable vapors and lessen the risk of a possible explosion or fire from the vapors.

Be aware of the risk for Carbon Monoxide in the garage. Find more information here.


Information on this page was, in part, collected from the NFPAUSFA, and the CDC