Fire Safety

According to statistics released by the National Fire Protection Association, in 2005, there were 396,000 residential structure fires in the United States. This works out to be a residential fire every 80 seconds. These fires resulted in over 3000 civilian deaths, over 13,800 civilian injuries and over 6.8 Billion dollars of property loss. Cooking fires were responsible for approximately 36% of all residential fires in 2002, and continue to be the leading cause of all residential structure fires.

It is our hope that you will use the information provided on the following pages to become more aware of home fire safety and increase your safety level. We recommend taking our Home Fire Safety Survey first, and then see the explanations that follow below.

Select a part of your home for Fire Safety guidance

IMPORTANT!!! Carbon Monoxide Poisoning is dangerous. Learn more about it HERE

After A Fire: Information on recovering after a fire. Distributed by the American Red Cross

Home Fire Safety Survey: A safety survey you can use to assess your home's fire safety.

Fire Escape Planning Grid: Use this planning grid to map out your home and identify 2 exits from each room Courtesy of NFPA

Information on this page was, in part, collected from the NFPAUSFA, and the CDC.